Russia will be investigated for serious "meridian" satellite launch failure responsibility

Added 24/12/2011

Russia's federal space agency director popov gold 23 in Moscow, near the ground flight control center Sunday he said Russia empty day defense forces launched 23, the "meridian" satellite rocket for failure and crash of responsibility for the accident must get serious investigation.

Popov gold think, rocket engine failure is caused by the launch of the direct reason for the accident. Launch accident frequency "Russian spacecraft is experiencing a crisis proof, and engine manufacturing industry has become one of the most weak link".

Popov gold said, through to the spacecraft radio signals and satellite fragments of analysis will be able to find out eventually lead to launch the specific reason for the accident. According to the results of the survey, relevant personnel of responsibility must be get serious investigation. He said: "batch space enterprises dismiss the leaders time has come."

"The meridians" satellite is a dual-use communication satellite, in Moscow time 23 16 08 points (Beijing time on that day when 20 08 points) in Russia in the northwest part of China's listed at thanks, launch site on the "union-2.1 b" carrier rocket launch. In the ignition 421 seconds, the rocket third grade malfunction, lead to the satellite can't enter the near-earth, and quickly fell to the ground. According to Russian media reports, satellite fragments in Novosibirsk, Russia fall place within the territory of the state. Up to now, the accident caused no personnel loss of property. After the incident, and setting up national committee began immediately relevant investigations.

From 2006 to and launch in the "meridian series communication satellite is mainly used in the arctic ocean ship and aircraft land area with contact and can improve and northern Siberia and the far east of communication in level. So far, Russia has launched four single "meridian" only two stars was in the satellite into orbit for success.

From dec. So far, the number of the world the first spacecraft launch of Russia has encountered 6 times launch accident, total loss of 8 spacecraft, including "Forbes-soil" Mars detector, "progress" freight shuttle and 6 a different USES of satellite.

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December 23, at noon on the main site reports index

Added 23/12/2011

According to securities times nets ( statistics, sina, netease and sohu nets with dispatch, and, phoenix nets on December 23, 66 at noon on the reports continue to general assembly of the United Nations 22 afternoon held a regular meeting, before north Korea ambassador to the United Nations to the request of the delegation, according to practice of the death of 17, north Korea's leader Kim jong il held a ceremony in silence.

According to the report, 66 session of the UN general assembly President nasser at noon on the United Nations headquarters in New York held year-end press conference reveal, north Korea ambassador to the United Nations general assembly has received a delegation of silence for Kim jong il the application requirements. "Based on the UN's procedural, precedent and etiquette, luen tai will be the second committee in the afternoon before the meeting observed a minute of silence for Kim jong il."

Netease and sohu nets also reported on the bohai sea bank exceeds one hundred million yuan loans were gone missing businessman of the news. According to reports, the bohai sea bank nanjing branch of the biggest issue a ZongChao one hundred million yuan loans, was the end of August this year the missing nanjing yu Yang group President studios roll away. Jiangsu silver inspect bureau has sent a workgroup to investigate the matter.

In addition, sohu nets, tencent, with dispatch, sina focus on Germany confirmed by the arrest to South Korea for the patriot missile exports of events. According to xinhua, a spokesman for the German ministry of defense said 22, recently in Finland southern port is the police seized more than 69 surface-to-air missiles and incidental "patriot" for the German federal axis of explosives in stock, and has obtained the export of South Korea legitimate arms export license.

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